I won the last round, but unfortunately couldn't win the entire battle.

During the weekend Mommy and Daddy managed to considerably extend the time they could see me. Instead of 2 times 15 minutes per day, it was well over two hours per day. I really liked their touch, the singing, knowing that they are protecting me.

On Monday morning the team of Doctors gathered early in the morning and decided that they would do the major operation. Mommy and Daddy, again sneaked in early and stayed with me. And guess what?! For the first time since I came to this ICU, I decided to open one eye and look them in the eye, alternating. It made them happy, and me even more :-)


Even though the weather forecast had been overcast all day, during the operation there was a little sun all morning long as well as beginning of the afternoon. The operation was a long one, the doctors actually managed all they had to do. So yeah, that round was won too! However...when they tried to start up my heart again, it simply couldn't work any more...Daddy was looking out of the window all along, and it was the only time when the sun was blocked for a while...he realised the phone call that followed had sad news.

I am so proud of Mommy and Daddy, they took so good care of me the last 2.5 months, they intensely protected me and made sure I only got the best treatment and even more! They really stood out for me. They gave so much love, simply the Best. Parents. Ever.

They see me as the Light, and in fact I am. I am up there now, in the sky, to protect them! Whenever you wish to see me, just look up, to the Sun. ☀

Thank you all Team Jasmine, from Santariskes 4 to 7 and then to 2. And all, and all the circles of people around, you are part of Team Jasmine too!

Till next time, whenever, wherever...I am sure we WILL meet again.

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