A short summary of my 2nd week in Vaiku Ligonine

Yippie! On Friday, March 1st I am allowed to leave the ICU and live with Mommy in a private room. I have got my own incubator :-) it's just awesome to be 24/7 with Mommy (okay, she has to go to the toilet every now and, but you get my point) 


Daddy is here most of the day as well, he get's up a bit after 04.00 to do a bit of work and to cook great dinners for Mommy. He usually joins us around 07.30. By now he's changing my diapers as often as he can. He does a good job, I am just lying quietly till he's ready.  

Now that we are together things are getting a bit easier. After a few days of gaining strength we could do another Kangaroo session. Guess what?! I got soooo excited when I was lying on Mommy that I thought I was back in the womb and simply forgot to breathe. Luckily Daddy was watching, saw me turning a bit blue and immediately called a nurse. Nobody told Mommy that she should massage me a bit at the start... 


The mid-wives, nurses and doctors are all very nice, I am happy that Mommy and Daddy are around as they really look very well after me and make sure that the staff is doing what they have to :-) They really focus on all that is best for me!

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