Omne trium perfectum, Good Things Come In Threes.

Hey all,

The dialysis continues, the doctors and nurses are fine-tuning the process. I was rather active earlier last week, probably due to the change in one of the only two medicines I am currently getting (It used to be 7). The last few days I've just been sleeping, a lot. Not for nothing the saying goes 'sleep like a baby', well, that's exactly what I am doing :-)

Earlier, I guess it was on Friday, I managed to punch Daddy on the chin, he was coming closer and I decided to raise a fist...boooom...Yeah, I *am* a boxer after all. Okay, it didn't knock him out (yet), he still kissed me afterwards.

20190408-holding-hands.jpgI like the quiet weekends in the NICU, and for a change even this Monday was not as 'hectic' as normal, hardly any alarms went off today. I've many neighbours, boys & girls, all of them are really tiny, all in incubators, all less than 1 kg. That makes me Senior in the NICU, more than 3 kg now, and in my own bed :-) Even for them, this Monday is realy quiet.

Birute and Zana told Mommy and Daddy that they shouldn't hesitate to move my fingers, arms, toes and feet. They are doing this now every time.

Ah, before I forget, thank you all for those heart-warming reactions & messages. I really 'flower-up', knowing and hearing that there are so many people thinking about me and supporting. In fact, all over the world, as far as Guatamala!

On Saturday Daddy had the idea that I waved to him when he left, he thought it was wish-full thinking when he told Mommy. Then yesterday when they were both here I decided to repeat in a more obvious way: I really waived 'see you soon' to Daddy :-)

Today I grabbed his index finger and really held on to it for a great while. I am thrilled by the support Mommy and Daddy are giving me.

Till next time!

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