All basically was going great during Easter

2504_easter_eggs.jpgTatijana even gave me a special celebration egg as I turned 2 months on Sunday!

She let Daddy pick the kinder surprise one for me. (shoot, that reminds me, he still has to tell and show what was inside, I want that toy!)

And a big thank you to nurse Jolanta, for giving our family those beautiful eggs! You are like a true godmother to me!

On Monday morning a very brave doctor decided to test if I can breathe without any support. I surely passed that test!

In order to let me save energy, she decided to continue with some support though. At least now we know!

Dialysis was also going smooth till Monday. Especially after quite some in-out sessions, I start to protest, even putting so much pressure that the solution is pushed back into the tube ;-)
The result was that by Tuesday quite some liquid wasn't coming out at the right place anymore.

Then there was this BIG meeting on Wednesday morning. The specialists decided it was too early to do the operation, as at least dialysis has to be working.
My Big friend Arunas got a brainwave: "what if we remove the two old catheters and place one new one?" Daddy & Mommy said they would grab this opportunity with SIX hands.

DSC_0282.jpgSo early this morning that little operation was done and within an hour I was gazing at my mobile. No, no again not to Facebook or Instagram what people tend to do on busses and streets nowadays... I was looking at my flying bears and to Mommy & Daddy of course.

Doctor Rima told that they will only start dialysis tomorrow morning, to give my strong little body a bit of rest. Aciu, Aciu!

Nurse Rasa is taking awesome care of me today, like she always does. Aciu, Aciu!

Till next time!

P. S. Did I already tell you that sometimes I like to tease the nurses and doctors? They follow my parameters on multiple computer screens across the room and sometimes it seems to them that I drop one a bit.
Then I wait till they come from behind their desk or chair and wait till their hands are washed and disinfected. And then by magic: whoppa, all back to normal :-)
I really like to tease them a bit, I am a real Character!

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