A short summary of my first days

What started as routine check for Mommy and me on Wednesday, February 20th became a roller coaster. First my favourite doctor in Tyzenhauze clinic told Mommy that they wanted to keep her for number of days to record my growth. Then after a few hours we were rushed to Santariskes Hospital and the next day, Thursday February 21st I was born at 16.54 :-)
That was 5 weeks too early, I still was 42cm, but very light, just 1300 grams.

Daddy was the first to see me, just 3 hrs after I was born, I remember feeling the warmth of his hands on my head and feet. Mommy had to wait till the next morning to meet me. Boy, was I happy to see her :-) She could hold me and even give me some her delicious milk, niam niam.

The people in the ICU in Santariskes really took good care of me, the even knitted small socks and gloves for me. The only thing they forgot was that Mommy had a low temperature, so in fact I got a bit cold while lying on her. The next few days I was sleeping, sleeping and sleeping to gain more strength.
Mommy told me those days were really with big downs and some ups, a very bumpy road. When it was more difficult for Mommy, Daddy would be strong and when Daddy would almost crack, Mommy was there!

On Tuesday the hospital arranged a special 'house' for me to transfer me across the street to Vaiku Ligonine. There I also first stayed in the ICU unit. Lots of bells, lights and alarms there, as there were like 7 other little babies too. Mommy got a room right above on the 2nd floor, and had to bring me fresh milk every 3 hrs, at 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 0 and 3. Luckily the friendly nurses let Mommy sleep during the night, they keep some surplus, so they have enough to feed me during the night.

Ah, they actually feed me trough a little tube, as I am still developing sucking skills. Daddy bought me special small pacifier (Ciulpstukas) :-)


Till Friday I was staying in the ICU and Mommy and Daddy came to visit me every 3 hours. Mommy started to learn how to change diapers, and guess what?! We could even have a Kangaroo session while Daddy was 'feeding' me.

I love it!


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