And I am a New National Record Holder!

Wooooow, a lot a lot of things have happened again the this week. Thing is, this roller coaster keeps on going, fast.

Daddy told me that he didn't really like them, let alone those loopings. Well, we've got quite a few of those the last days: left, right, down & up.
Hang in Daddy, we're getting there!

victory.pngAll actually was going fine till Sunday evening/Monday morning. Then doctors felt they did all they could...BUT I didn't give up!

Yay, I am the youngest Lithuanian Record holder, never in the history did a pre- or newborn manage dialysis so good :-)

Thank you Team Jasmine Santariskes 7 for believing in me, you did an awesome job! I love you all

Mommy and Daddy were with me almost all the time, singing, caressing. I love them, they take so good care of me.

On Tuesday my Big Friend Arunas told me he is going to call for the preperation of the move to the other side of the street. Getting ready for my operation.
On early Thursday morning, while Daddy was with me, they got the call from the other department that they will admit me. Yay, another big trip in an ambulance!

Now I am in the new environment, across the street with even more people strengthening me & Team Jasmine, please welcome Team Jasmine Santariskes 2!

I love my new bed, it's called a CosyCot. Aaaand, I've got the Zaky hands of Mommy and Daddy back with me!

Mommy luckily can stay here too, she is a but further, one floor up, but less than 10 meters away.

drinking-milk.jpgThe only downside is that I can't see Mommy & Daddy that often now. They can only visit me twice per day for a muuuuch shorter time (though they manage sneakily to squeeze in some extra time) ;-). I am in very very good hands now, that comforts me and them quite bit.

Some major events will be happening at the beginning of next week. Up to the next round.

Do keep sending those good vibes, I love them.

Till next time!

PS. Today, when both Mommy and Daddy were with me I decided to practice blowing bubbles with my nose. Boy, did I blow big ones! Luckily then a friendly nurse came and cleaned my nose ;-)

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