That is what my Big Friend Arunas Liubsys, M.D., Ph.D. and Head of the Neonatology Centre and all the doctors and nurses are saying :-)

They are all beyond impressed of what I am pulling off. That's why, besides Mommy and Daddy, they are moving mountains for me too :-)
I love that, and it's great to see so many people working so hard for me.

I mentioned that I simply love Mommy's milk, but did I tell you I got it in a special way? The last few weeks I was lying on a vibrating bed, so basically I was getting Mother's Milk Milk Shakes all the time :-) I loved them!

All went rather fine with getting rid of the liquids till around Sunday. The quantity of liquids pushed in was increased and the little wound around the catheter starting leaking a bit. They stopped the removal process of those liquids on Sunday evening.

Daddy got a brainwave, that perhaps it could have to do a bit with the vibrating bed, the doctor on duty said 'no'. Guess what, I don't get milk shakes anymore since Monday morning, and I must admit Mommy's milk in a straight way even tastes better :-)

20190403_2.jpgThe last few days I have been much more active, eventhough perhaps things with the getting rid of liquids is not going exactly how the doctors, according to the textbook, want. I am feeling much better and as you know by now, I like to take things slowly.

I love Mommy's touch on my head, it easily calms me down. Daddy's singing is a blessing in the NICU, my saturation levels jump up when he sings my special lullaby.

As we need to move forward, there was a huge meeting yesterday morning. More than 11 specialists (in all fields, kidney, heart, brain, you name it), came to talk to me and about me.

They decided that the best way to go forward was to place another catheter, to ease the process of getting rid of the liquids. That's what they did yesterday, and somehow I am getting used to those little operations. Within an hour after being back to my room, I was looking Mommy straight into the eye. Love you Mom!

The first sessions are always a bit slow, soon they will start the next cycle and then we will see how it goes. In any case, I am feeling stronger, I am much more active and sometimes I just need to sleeeeeeeeep.

Till next time!

PS, yep I am over 3kg, but there is still a bit of extra liquids that we are getting rid off...we're moving forward!

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