Go Go Team Jasmine! Yay, it took a while but we've finally tackled all the best parameters for my dialysis

Time does fly, we are already on day 24th of my dialysis (including the 'mistakes' as well) it's so great that more goes out than went in. Though Mommy and Daddy started to worry a bit that toooo much is going out and I am getting too light and small.

Today was the first day in quite some time that I actually gained weight again, yay! As good as 2600 grams again and gaining now, step by step.

20190414-peeeeee.jpgThere were some tricky moments the last few days, naturally they continued with the dialysis, pumping in 45 ml of the solution every 40 minutes or so. But then, every 3 hrs they would also add that awesome milk. They used to serve it to me through a syringe using 'gravity', but as my stomach is still rather small (and my body in fact) once they increased the amount from 20ml to 35ml I simply felt 'blown up' every now and then. Resulting in additional beeeeps...

Then Daddy got an awesome idea, that it would be much better to give me milk, while or once the dialysis solution is released, as yay, then I have space again! Nurse Romualda loved the idea, and told everyone in the NICU.

Another nurse later even had a better idea regarding milk, why not to give it via infusion?! That way they can completely control the speed and it will never conflict with the dialysis. So now, I just look Mommy in the eye when she brings the milk, and fall deeply asleep when I start to feel it.

Nurse Tatjiana was so extremely nice to me yesterday during day and night, so sweet and caring, aciu labai!

Sometimes I am extremely active these days, sometimes I am just sleeeeeping. Guess what?! I got a manicure today! That's what girls like :-) thank you Skaiste for taking care of that.

20190414-lockers.jpgGuess what, Daddy confiscated locker nr 16 (yeah, why not!) like 6 weeks ago. It's his now, and he everyday arrives before 0800. During weekends he's always the first Daddy to be here :-)

Then the hall way really looks empty.

So yeah, all is going forward, upwards, and I am feeling better day by day. Still a long way to go and Team Jasmine is getting there!

Ah, and certainly not to forget, thank you Doctor Rita for fine-tuning soooo much my breathing, aciu aciu and we can almost get rid of this additional pipe in my mouth.

Till next time!

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