Whoppa, the last 2 days or so seemed like more than a week, time flies!

Indeed, time is flying! And what a day it is: Lithuania's Independence Day! Hip hip Hurray! (Though I do like Daddy's February 16th just a little bit more ;-))

We are doing great, I mainly sleep, eat, pee/poo and am getting stronger. My Auntie Gailute brought me special knitted socks


Today I needed them after kangaroo-ing, as in my little house it's only ~28 degrees, and on Mommy, together, it's usually around 36.5-37. Thank you Auntie, they really came in handy today, and thank you Daddy for realising a was a bit chilly back in my little house after the session :-)

All in all, all is going fine, I have been a sweet little princess the last couple of days. Only since last night I've had some stomach issues, probably gass related. I've got some extra cure and guess what?! I decided to poo quite a bit on the mid-wife this evening ;-) After all, it just had to come out. Feeling much better now, and will fall into a deep sleep soon!


As I said before, I simply LOVE those Kangaroo sessions with Mommy! They make us both so much more relaxed! And Daddy feeding me makes me turn into a strong girl.

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