4 seasons in a month, week and sometimes even in a day

B_warmer_gegiraffebeddedwarmer.jpgThings are slowly moving forward and we take it day by day. As I mentioned before, I don't really like to rush.

I moved from my incubator to a Giraffe warmer bed and Mommy and Daddy can be much closer to me. I really like this new bed, they can actually kiss me now.

The nurses and doctors in the NICU of Vaiku Ligonine are truly awesome. They have more than one solution to every new challenge.

The side-effects of the medicine I am getting, they manage to battle and I am slowly growing & getting stronger.

Mommy arranged something special for me on Wednesday evening: I got baptised! :-)

We actually are one heck of a family: Daddy is Roman Catholic (well...at least he followed all the official steps), Mommy is Pagan (she loves and adores nature) and I, I am Lutheran now :-)



It remains a bumpy road, but Mommy, Daddy and I, as a strong family, are pulling through.

Ah, and yesterday was my first celebration: Yay, exactly 1 month on this lovely planet (and of course the 8 months in Mommy's belly ;-)

Just remember, like I know, that even if there are clouds, behind those clouds, the sun IS shining!

Till next time!

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