I am much more awake again, and the dialysis is working! Yay!

Hey hey,

I am much more awake now, in fact today I was simply waiting with two eyes wide open for my 'high-tea' this afternoon when Mommy and Daddy brought the fresh milk just before 15.00.

Boy, I just can't get enough of the fresh milk. I looked Mommy with both eyes straight into to eye, to ensure she keeps on bringing me more!

mommy-hand.jpgI was a bit confused these last few days. Naturally, I hear soooo many languages: Lithuanian, Dutch, English, Russian, perhaps some Polish and some occasional Arabic words. First they all want me to grow, gain weight.

So I use all my possibilities and decided to pee a bit less, to look more heavy. Now, they want me first to loose weight, and when that's done, to gain again....Euh?! Sometimes I am just a bit lost in translation I guess. I am managing though.

Yay, I am much more active again, today Diana changed my bed just before the dialysis had to start again. And only after the change they found out, that the screen and some functions of this bed weren't working.

Doh, I had to go all through this changing, and then they had to do it again! Mommy ensured that I would be back in my 'own' bed, after it was cleaned. And now I really fall asleep sooooo sweetly after getting milk, yay, in *my* bed again.

I love it when Mommy and Daddy stand for my rights. I am also very happy that the Doctors finally agreed that I take things slowly, they all are much more active, calculating doing all what is best form me. Thank you Ernestas, Rima and all the others. (I keep a special place in my heart for Rima, I really love her).

Ah, and Daddy washed my Zaky hands last evening, they are back with me now, I just love them, Mommy and Daddy wore them around their necks again this morning, so now again I can smell them all the time :-)

Till next time!

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