Wooow, what a week it was...

The bumpy road continues, the dialysis keeps on going, and is working.

The doctors were really happy earlier this week and started talking about the operation I have to have.
Then...I got a a little infection. They all feared that it would be bigger than it really was. I knew better, and fixed it in a day ;-)
They will keep me on a small dose of anti-biotics the next few days, to make sure I will be strong. Next Wednesday the team of wise Men and Women will meet again to decide about my operation.

There were some "off days" this week, followed by much "more easy" days. Today was one the latter, I just sleep right through the dialysis process, no pain, no stress, just sweet relax.

As I have to grow now, Mommy & Daddy got a brilliant idea earlier: Daddy used to be, and in fact is a Milk Man and frooze quite a bit of the milk Mommy made during my first days. It's much richer in protein and other things.

So Daddy went throught the freezer and collected all the oldest bags. Some as old as when I was just 3 days!
Mommy makes sure she alternates the "riped" milk with fresh. The "riped" almost tastes like a good, aged wine. I love it!20190419-mobile.jpg

Today Mommy and Daddy went together to a shop. As I have been really active the last days, early in the morning, they wanted to get me something to look and gaze at, when I am awake.

They got me a mobile! No no, not a phone, of course. I wouldn't be able to remember the unlock code yet.

No, it's four little bears that swing above my head on music! (I just hope I won't get any weird dreams now ;-))

All the nurses at the NICU teamed up to create a contruction that they (and Daddy & Mommy) can now easily move right above me when I want.
Love you girls!!! You did an awesome job!!
Till next time!

PS. Ah, I almost forgot, thank you Marin for bringing stroopwafels, I never saw a bag finished so quickly ;-)

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