Whoppa, another week has passed. Sometimes time goes so fast, though at the same time, that same time feels like an eternity...


I know, I know, I should be writing to you all a bit more often, sorry, I've just been rather occupied this last week.
And yup, as you can imagine, a lot has happened, again. This bumpy road they warned us about keeps on going.
Luckily Daddy sees possitive sparks every day, some little, others bigger.

I really like the nurses and doctors in the NICU, the attention I am getting from quite a number of them is awesome (too many to call by name now, but they will know whom I am talking about!)

They slowly start to understand what Mommy and Daddy already know and have been saying for more than 5 weeks: I don't like to rush. I take and do things slowly. I understand that the NICU is all about stabalizing and getting babies to another room 'as soon as possible', I just don't like the sound of 'soon' or 'fast', in fact I like it here soooo much.

Milk milk milk, gimme more!Unfortunately the medicine I am getting resulted earlier in me holding up liquids. I am still a tiny girl and besides the milk I get from Mommy (which I LOVE!), they were giving me extra supplements and infusions as well.

Again, a little too much, a little too fast. Luckily they found a way to tackly it, and that worked out fine the first few days. Then it appeared there apparently was a mechanical 'error'....shoot, they had to give me a small operation to correct it. That happened on Wednesday, and guess what?! Now I am getting rid of all that excessive liquids easily :-)

The whole staff (nurses, doctors, professors) is super impressed with me, they all say they never saw such a Strong Power Girl before. Yay, I was called a boxer by quite some people, and yep, I'm winning all my rounds on points, easily :-)

Now that we almost tackled this issue with liquid, it's time for me to rest more and gain strength. Yeah, I am gaining weight, but the last days was a bit 'fake' due to the excessive liquids, soon I will let you know how 'heavy' I really am ;-) Not a girly thing to say, but hey, if your Daddy calls you a 'good zeikerd', then I want to be heavy. Not soon, of course, but gradually...

Summer Here I Come!Ah, now that spring is in the air, I just got my first Summer shoes (thank you B & R!), I can't wait to wear them outside!!!

Till next time!

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