About me

Me: Jasmine Quintus, just half a day oldHi,

I am Jasmine Quintus, a little miracle. I was born 5 weeks too early on Thursday, February 21st at 16.54 in Santariskes Ligonine, Vilnius, Lithuania.

What started out as a routine check on February 20th in Tyzenhauze clinic, became a roller coaster.

The first 4 days I stayed in the ICU in Santariskiu hospital to become more stable. Then I & Mommy were moved across the street to Vaiku ligonine. Another few days there in ICU, good because the staff there is really great and professional, they really know they are doing.

To our biggest surprise, on Friday the 29th of February I was allowed to start staying (in my own incubator) privately, 24/7 in Mommy's room!

So now it is mainly Mommy and Daddy taking care of feeding, diapers and stuff.

I will still have to stay here for the weeks to come, as I need to gain weight.

The first few weeks Mommy and Daddy "have been lived" by all what was happening, and it seems it will go on for a long and bumpy ride. I am getting stronger every day, and yep, I am growing like cabbage.